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Our Mission:

The Covid Warrior Project is a non-profit organization. We raise money for hospitals that will support our community's "Covid Warriors." Covid Warriors include all healthcare workers that are serving amidst the Coronavirus. All profits made from our products are donated directly to these specific community hospitals, who then use the money to provide financial/mental support to their staff.

Why we started:

During these uncertain times, many people may be looking for a way to contribute to the community. However, isolation and social distancing have been difficult barriers to contribution. The Covid Warrior Project was created in response to help people easily make a difference right from their homes. 


We hope that our products can show a much needed appreciation for healthcare workers during this time. Most, if not all, of these individuals have made personal sacrifices and put their health at risk in order to serve their greater community. The Covid Warrior Project would like to recognize and support the selfless and necessary actions of frontline workers in combat with a global pandemic.

Get to know the founder!

Hi! I'm Kendall Jeong, founder of the Covid Warrior Project!

I am a 17 year old living in Tucson, Arizona. After witnessing the detrimental effects that the Coronavirus had on my community, I felt that there was a vital need for a positive community force. Specifically, I saw the need to help support Tucson's healthcare workers. I combined a non-profit business idea with my passions for art and design, and CWP was born! I personally design all of the products we sell and turn them into plans for production. I hope that the products CWP sells can promote a local social initiative to support our healthcare workers both through economic and community-based support. 

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