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  Sparkle Sticker Sheet for Banner


Our sparkle sticker sheet will be used to raise money for the Banner Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. Specifically, 100% of the profits will be donated to the Supporting Our Staff (SOS) Fund.


The Supporting Our Staff Fund assists Banner Health employees experiencing unexpected financial hardships that may include child care, utility bills, loss of income due to missed work, or other needs. The corona virus epidemic has made this particular fund more demanded than ever, as many healthcare workers have experienced reduced hours. 


The donations generated through the sale of our newest

sticker sheet will financially assist our local healthcare

frontline, and will overall reduce stress and hardship for

many of these "Covid Warriors" during this unexpected

and difficult time.

Banner's SOS Fund site: click here



 Cost of production: $1.00 per sheet   

          Shipping: $0.55

          Etsy fee: $0.18

          Total cost: $1.73

$5.27 of every $7.00 purchase

is donated

  THCW Sticker for TMC  

THCW red copy-2.png

Our "Thank a Health Care Worker" sticker will be used to raise money for TMC (Tucson Medical Center). Specifically, 100% of the profits will be donated to the TMC Marks Fund for Employee Assistance.


The Marks Fund provides short-term financial assistance to employees for critical needs such as rent/mortgage payments, child care, insurance/medical needs, groceries and utilities. 

Statement by fund's director: "During the Covid crisis, it became apparent that our employees who were being flexed needed a COVID Marks opportunity. We have been fundraising to support our healthcare workers through this time. The Marks Fund will pay up to $500 for rent assistance, childcare, and utilities [per employee]. Our HR department decides who is needy and who is not. They pay the bills directly so there is accountability."

Our donations will allow healthcare workers at TMC to

focus their energy on providing and caring for patients

during this troubling time. Since the outbreak, funding 

for the Marks Fund has been highly demanded.

TMC's Marks Fund site: click here



 Cost of production: $0.62 per sticker

          Shipping: $0.55

          Etsy fee: $0.18

          Total cost: $1.35

$3.65 of every $5.00 purchase

is donated

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